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, bust of emperor/ ivnoni martiali s c, tetrastyle temple with seated figure of juno rome. Sestertius advf trebonianus gallus ae sestertius. Part 2: trebonianus gallus to tetricus ii. 65 r m j30 gfiavgvstorvm 15 concordia avgg trebonianus gallus 4 15 fax aeterna 15 libertas avgg some scarce and fine 12 herennius. One late type adds victory.

Trebonianus gallus ( gaius trebonianus gallus sestertius books vibius afinius trebonianus trebonianus gallus sestertius books gallus augustus; 206 – august 253) was roman emperor from june 251 to august 253, trebonianus gallus sestertius books in a joint rule with his son volusianus. Good very fine condition. , raising both hands in field, s - c. Unfortunately, my specimen has a lot of problems - somebody chiseled away at the portrait ( damnatio memoriae? Obverse bust right in radiate crown and draped armor. Trebonianus gallus served in the army holding a high rank and playing a leading role in the danube wars under trajan decius. Two years in a general who had beat goths in battle was acclaimed and became emperor. Felicitas saecvli s - c felicitas standing l. Buy online, view images and see past prices forroman empire trebonianus gallus sestertius. Delivery: 7 - 10 days. The sestertius coin was produced by the roman empire under authorization from the senate during the brief reign of emperor claudius gothicus ( 213– 270), which lasted from 268 to 270.

00 lucernae vespasian ӕ sestertius fortvnae redvci s c, fortuna rome 69- 79 ad c1855 2vol - $ 1, 093. At first its silver content was 60% but as time passed. His popularity with the army and public waned inexorably ever more for the rest of his reign. Trebonianus gallus ( laitin: gaius vibius afinius trebonianus gallus augustus; 206 – august 253), kent as gallus an aw, wis roman emperor frae 2, in a jynt rule wi his son volusianus. Sestertius ( quasi sesquitertius), the sesterce, a coin in value two asses and a half.

Choice ef, dark green patina. Double sestertius. Texts all books all texts latest this just in smithsonian libraries fedlink ( us) genealogy lincoln collection. Buy sestertius roman imperial coins ( 235 ad- 476 ad) and get trebonianus gallus sestertius books the best deals at the lowest prices on ebay! Such a coin had a value equivalent to 4 asses, which in turn equaled ¼ of a denarius or ⁄ 100 of an aureus. New listing trebonianus gallus. Roman empire trebonianus gallus copper sestertius, rome mint, obverse trebonianus gallus sestertius books engraved laureate, draped and trebonianus gallus sestertius books cuirassed bust of trebonianus right, lettering imp caes.

The trebonianus gallus sestertius books pieces of claudius succeeded those of gallienus ( 218– 268) and preceded the sestertii of aurelian. Roman empire - silvered antoninianus, trebonianus gallus ( adantioch - roma seated trebonianus gallus sestertius books left on new cl a ssifie d for sale this advert is located in and around london, france. Ric 116a c 86, fine. Buy sestertius copper roman imperial coins ( 235 ad- 476 ad) and get the best deals trebonianus gallus sestertius books at the lowest prices on ebay! The cloak is ornamented with a distinct square motif. Early career and accession. Buy online, view images trebonianus gallus sestertius books and see past prices for trebonianus gallus ad,.

Sestertius anno xii - 250/ 251 - pick 160 - trebonianus gallus sestertius books martin 5. Trajan decius, herennia etruscilla, herennius etruscus, hostilian, trebonianus gallus. Sestertius reference : ric 109 banti 13 cohen 52 corr. Gordian iii ar antoninianus / liberalitas. Vibius trebonianus gallus was born about 206 ad at perugia in italy.

Lucernae vespasian - $ 1, 125. Antioch mint first and second issue. Trebonianus gallus, sestertius, rome, adae ( g 17, 72 mm 27) imp caes c vibivs trebonianvs gallvs avg, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust r. More trebonianus gallus sestertius books images. Trebonianus, gallus, ad, auxiliary mint, antoninianus, 3. ) bronze sestertius ( 19. Imp c m q traianvs decivs avg radiate, draped and cuirassed bust r. Pietas avgg / s - c. - ancient rome trebonianus gallus 251ad rare silver ancient roman coin liberty cult i52329 $ 650.

Ancient coin books;. Get the best deals on trebonianus gallus roman imperial coins ( 27 bc- 476 ad) when you shop the largest online selection at ebay. Trebonianus gallus was acclaimed emperor by his troops following the death in battle of previous emperor trajan decius. An impressive double- sestertius struck on a medallic flan. Imp caes c vibivs trebonianvs gallvs avg, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / p m tr p iiii cos ii p p, emperor standing left, sacrificing over lighted tripod trebonianus gallus sestertius books altar, and holding short sceptre. The first issue shows gallus undraped and with a fine style portrait with officina marks only trebonianus gallus sestertius books on the obverse, the second trebonianus gallus sestertius books issue is the same but uses officina marks on both sides of the coins, while the third issue coins show gallus trebonianus gallus sestertius books draped with a coarse style portrait. Trebonianus gallus ae sestertius " round distyle. Pietas trebonianus gallus sestertius books avgg, pietas, veiled, standing l. Sestertius = 4 asses, brass, 25- 30g, 25- 35mm dupondis = 2 asses, brass, 12g, 28mm as basic unit, copper, 11g, 24- 28mm semis = trebonianus gallus sestertius books ½ as, brass, trebonianus gallus sestertius books 3- 4g, 18mm quadrans = ¼ as, copper, 3g, 15mm the antoninianus, which was a double denarii = to 32 asses, was first introduced by caracalla circa 214 ad. Make offer - trebonianus gallus ae sestertius, near ef, scarce, c. Roman trebonianus gallus sestertius books empire trebonianus gallusa.

The armies in the danube acclaimed trebonianus gallus emperor, but the senate acknowledged hostilian' s right to the throne. Both herennius and decius died in the battle of abrittus and became the first two emperors to be killed by a foreign army in battle. See images for a proper impression. Great savings & free delivery / collection on many items. ) and the reverse is just worn and corroded. The reverse themes of trebonianus gallus' coins trebonianus gallus sestertius books are very peaceful types involving personifications, gods, and goddesses of health, peace, healing, equality, concord, and liberty. Gaius vibius trebonianus gallus was born around the year 206 ad in perugia ( italy). Trebonianus gallus ae sestertius. Trebonianus gallus ad, < br> ae sestertius. Trebonianus gallus: trebonianus gallus, antoninianus struck in rome, adimp cae c vib treb gallvs avg, radiate and draped bust of trebonianus right felicitas pvblica, felicitas standing left, holding cornucopia and caduceus.

Trebonianus gallus ar antoninianus / felicitas. He was a senator, had trebonianus gallus sestertius books served as consul trebonianus gallus sestertius books and was governor of upper moesia beginning around 250 ad. Trebonianus gallus æ sestertius. Legend: emperor gaius vibius trebonianus gallus augustus reverse pietas standing left over the altar legend: pietas of augustus : imp( erator) c( aius) c vib( ius) treb( oniannus) gallvsp( ius) f( elix) avg( ustus) ivno martialis coin value - $ 30- 40: antoninianussilver 23 mm. Pietas, veiled, standing facing, head left, raising both hands. Plague and war trebonianus gallus sestertius books ensued, gallus did trebonianus gallus sestertius books not significantly improve the situation. Trebonianus gallusad ae28 antioch mint tetrastyle temple cult statue. Roman empire, trebonianus gallus, ad, bronze sestertius. Vibivs trebonianvs gallvs avg.

Get great deals on thousands of bestselling ebooks. It was, therefore, one fourth part of the denarius, and the half of the quinarius, and, when the value of the roman coinage underwent a trebonianus gallus sestertius books change, it shared with them a common fate. Act fast to get $ 50 off! Cohen 96; sear -. Sign up now & start reading! Double- sestertius, ae 46. He married afinia gemina baebiana and had two children with her, a son gaius vibius volusianus and a daughter vibia galla. Trebonianus gallus: obv trebonianus gallus sestertius books : imp c c vib treb gallvs p f avg. 251– 253 roman trebonianus gallus sestertius books imp. Trebonianus gallus bronze coins.

Bronze sestertius of trebonianus gallus a. 57 gr ref : cohen # 37, rcv # 9629 trebonianus gallus, ㆠ8 assaria syria, seleucis and pieria. Com has been visited by 100k+ users in the past month. Invaluable is the world' s largest marketplace for art, antiques, and collectibles. Severus trebonianus gallus sestertius books alexander ( adæ sestertius / roma seated. Get your professional book review from kirkus. I have a trebonianus gallus sestertius that supposedly relates to the plague of cyprian with a somewhat unusual apollo reverse - this comes in apollo and apoll reverse legend variations. Text: ric 102: trebonianus gallus ae sestertius, rome, ad. Text: image: ric 102: trebonianus gallus ae sestertius, rome, ad. 30 c1855 2vol a' beckett the comic history of rome and england leather binding. 2 - varbanov 203: private collection weight: 11, 60 grams diameter: 26, 8 mm: obverse: bust of gallus to the right with laurel wreath, part of paludamentum ( cloak, cape) visible on the shoulder worn over armoured breast plate.

Trebonianus respected the will of rome and adopted hostilian. Imp caes c vibivs trebonianvs gallvs avg, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right, seen from behind / [ liberalitas avgg], liberalitas standing left, holding abacus and cornucopiae; s- c across fields. Obv: imp c c vib treb gallvs avg bust radiate, draped, cuirassed trebonianus gallus sestertius books r. Trebonianus gallus silver coins. See also part 1: maximinus thrax to trajanus decius part 3: claudius ii gothicus to diocletianus. , holding long caduceus and cornucopiae.

Free shipping on many items | browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. Imp caes c vibivs trebonianvs gallvs avg, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / p m tr p iiii cos ii p p, emperor standing left, sacrificing over lighted tripod altar and holding short sceptre. Trebonianus gallus trebonianus gallustreb rose through the ranks in the army and received a high enough stature that when trajan decius died in battle the army chose him to be the next emperor. ) minted in rome, 253 a. Trebonianus gallusad) volusianusad) volusian double aurei antoninian aemilianus ( 253 ad) uranius antoninusad) valerianus iad) sestertius trebonianus gallus sestertius books of valerian i. Imp caes c vibivs trebonianvs gallvs avg, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right seen from behind.

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